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Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe for You?

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Since the release in the market, the usage of electronic cigarettes has been a debatable topic among the supporters and the opposing parties. In the US alone, some cities have banned the sales of e-cigarettes. But until today, we still haven’t seen solid proof that e-cigarettes can affect the health of smokers and bystanders. But before going further, let’s see how it works first.

The Best E-cigarettes work by heating the liquid solution which contains nicotine, glycol, glycerine, as well as flavorings. The users will then inhale the vapor for their purposes. The nicotine is an addictive part of the Juul Compatible Pods, which was proposed by the opposing parties to ban the Electronic Cigarette distribution.

But when it comes to this, it does not do fair. The nicotine is relatively harmless compared to the other substances procured in the tobacco smoke. Nicotine is actually much less harmful than tar and carbon monoxide. It does not cause any significant diseases. And up until nowadays, there is no single scientific paper that proves that Juul Compatible Pods are harmful to humans.

So, are they really safe to inhale?

Health experts would agree that there is a fraction of the risk of using cigarettes for folks who have normal health conditions.

The private reviews held by the e-cigarettes participants have shown that vaping practice is 95% less harmful than conventional tobacco smoking. Many university professors have also said the same sounding.

There is currently no exact evidence which indicates that the e-cigarettes can harm the users and other people who accidentally inhale the smokes from the vapers.

The e-cigarettes commencing is actually the good news for all of the smokers who want to get out of smoking. The UK Government, for instance, has vouched for e-cigarettes because of the potents to help smokers to quit smoking. The other countries like the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand also look at it the same way. Some products sold online are even coming with the prescriptions which the users can use to help them to quit smoking.

Instead of smoke, vapor will come out from the e-cigarettes. Once you switch the pod on, the e-juice will burn and turn into the vapor. So, there will be no smoke which you need to worry about. Indeed, e-cigarettes still have addictive nicotine. But the fact that it has no tartar is sensible enough to vouch for it for much safer than conventional cigarettes.

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